Winchester Christmas Market

Here are some snaps from my trip to Winchester Christmas Market last Sunday.


It was freezing cold on Sunday so we wrapped up, ready for a walk around the Christmas market which is set up in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral.  It was really beautiful and there were various stalls selling everything from Christmas decorations to silver jewellery to handbags.  As you can imagine, I was in my element.

To top it off there was a vintage market in the high st which happens on the first Sunday of each month.  There were lots of lovely preloved clothes and vintage homeware.


The doll on fashion said...

Ah I love Christmas markets, i'm off to the B'ham one on Sunday!

The photo of you and your friend is gorgeous too.

The doll on fashion

Jess said...

Ah thanks, it's actually my sister. :)

Have fun at the market in Brum! xx

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